Steel Shooting 101


Example of the 4 count draw stroke.


Defensive Shotgun


On the 50 BMG at SHOTS Ranch

Defensive Carbine


SCAR Heavy 308

Helmet Cam-Tactical Carbine run.

Training Video's

Training videos from training classes.


Take a moment and watch a video of a class you may be thinking of taking. They represent a typical experience a student may have and individual results may vary based on goals and length of training.

These videos represent a training class of defensive shotgun and carbine tactical.














Bob, Andy, and Rick on the 50 BMG and the SCAR Heavy 308 (far right) at SHOTS Ranch.






















Tactical carbine run with helmet cam.













Run and gun during carbine class.





































Carbine Run and Gun

100 yard run, 50lb drag, jumping jacks, push ups-moving targets, pop up targets-move and shoot-hostage target! All in 97 degree heat, love it!







Run #1


Defensive Handgun

Three runs from the "Sheepdog" Group

Start with jumping jacks, push ups, 50lb drag, short run-then assemble your gun and start the course.




Run #2

Right/left barricade, log balance, triple tap, steel targets, under vehicle, shoot and move, moving target,then hostage target.

Normal day for a T1C. Join us if you want to know what a T1C is.

Run #3

Strong hand only while carrying a 50LB weight and multi stage run. Rock that glock and a strong run.



Run #4

Work together for log carry after jumping jacks and push ups.

Low Light and No Light Training Classes.
Tactical Carbine -Run & Gun with night time fun.
Home Defense Strategies Class with low light handgun shooting
Carbine Class with Low-No Light 
Home Defense Strategies-night shoot

Carbine Run and Gun


Defensive Handgun

Defensive Handgun


Carbine Day Run & Gun