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Meet The Team

Our Firearms courses have been developed over years of experience in what works and what does not in order to keep you safe when using tactical or personal defense weapons. Meet our team of professional instructors.


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Mr. Robert Martin

Founder & co director

O: 800.617.5305


Mr. Martin is the founder and CEO of RealWorld Protective Services & Firearms Training, LLC. He also is the Chief Investigator for the Investigative Division, as a licensed Investigator in both Arizona and California. Mr. Martin has been involved in law enforcement, investigations, security, and the firearms industry, while training non-stop for the last 30 years.


Mr. Martin spent years as a Civilian and Federal Law Enforcement Officer and in the military law enforcement command and was on flight status working sensitive narcotics  operations. He has trained and worked with Counter-Terrorist officers and Drug Suppression Teams and has conducted ariel insertions and interdiction operations as Section Chief of a Special Reaction Task force in the U. S. Army.


He also has extensive experience in Executive, Dignitary, VIP/Asset Protection and has worked Personal Security Detail missions with many high value clients. Mr. Martin also runs a Fugitive Recovery Task-force for Bail Bonds Companies.


Move Quickly, Confidently, and Aggressively


His qualifications include:


    Certified NRA Firearms Instructor                                                                                

    Certified Arizona DPS Firearms Instructor                                                                        

    Certified NRA Range Safety Officer  

    Certified Executive Protection Agent                                                                                                 

    Special Weapons and Tactics                                                                          

    Trained CQB Tactics

    Section Chief, Special Reaction Unit               

    High Risk Personnel & PSD Operations

    Licensed Investigator AZ and CA

    AZ & CA registered Fugitive Recovery Specialist

Aleks Blascak FPC, NREMTP, Certified Flight Paramedic, Critical Care Emergency Medical Transport Certification

Chief Tactical Medic Instructor


Aleks Blascak is a certified Flight Paramedic that currently flies for PHI AirEvac Medical Services in Arizona. Aleks has over 12 years of experience in trauma and critical care patient management as well as outreach education. In first 10 years of his career, Aleks worked as a Firefighter Paramedic with few different fire departments within Phoenix metro area.


In 2010, Aleks joined the flight line of AirEvac as a flight paramedic where he rapidly ascended up the education chain that lead to an endeavor in overseas operations. In 2012, Aleks was tasked with initial program startup of a Helicopter Emergency Medical Services in the country of Saudi Arabia.


This job included training of Saudi and US Air Medical Crew Chiefs for operations in hostile and difficult environments. In Saudi Arabia, Aleks collaborated with many branches of the Saudi Arabian medical services to coordinate training of the Saudi nationals in Western-based trauma management and critical care of severely injured patients.


Along with Saudi national training, Aleks worked on the aircrafts and flew multiple patient missions over the next three years while teaching and precepting other US Air Medical Crew Chiefs. While spending 3 years abroad, Aleks obtained a B.S. through Northern Arizona University with aim on entering Physician’s Assistant Program.


Aleks teaches Paramedic programs at Central Arizona Community College and serves as a Clinical Educator and Continuous Quality Improvement rep at PHI AirEvac. Working in constant high-stress environments, Aleks has a great emphasis on “Care Under Fire” or stress inoculation approach to training.

Aleks casualty care experience, teaching style, and professionalism has expanded the training opportunities at RealWorld Firearms Training Group.

The ability to  offer the Tactical Emergency Causality Care and Tactical Combat Causality Care classes presents a truly unique training experience.

Review the TECC class details and join Aleks for a learning experience that may save a life one day.

Alex Sales

Tactical Training Instructor

Team leader for Protective Services Group 1

Alex has trained in advanced firearms techniques from numerous advanced instructors and training companies, including  Marauders Tactical Training.  He believes that for training to be effective- you always train with purpose.

Alex has trained hundreds of students with RealWord in the safe and effective use of Firearms, including military and law enforcement, and continues to take 3-4 courses a year as a student, so as to stay abreast of the latest techniques and developments in the training community.

He is dedicated to providing the best in firearms training for those individuals who are new to Guns and Shooting or seasoned professionals who wish to hone their skills.

Alex constantly up-dates the tactical training curriculum to keep it challenging and relevant to Real-World situations. He also trains constantly and maintains a high state of readiness for the  protective services group.

His Training and background includes:

Marauders Tactical Training (MMT)

Ground Combat Course

Close Quarter Combat Course

Intro to Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)


Low Light Shooting Tactics

Defensive/ Combat Pistol

Defensive Shotgun Tactics

Tactical Carbine Course

Team Tactics Urban  

Protection Detail Course

Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC)

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