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In God We Trust..... All Others We Investigate.


Since 1989, Robert Martin, P.I. has been providing Investigative, security, and protection services to businesses and private individuals in California and Arizona, including law firms, insurance companies, major corporations and small business. We bring you the best experience from a 30-year journey that includes investigative experience from civilian law enforcement to the military law enforcement command working a variety of elite assignments.

Mr. Martin, P.I.

Arizona PI license # 1593114

California PI License # 13199

We are committed to excellence in investigative services. We are dedicated to providing professional and confidential service to each client, regardless of the size of the case or firm.  We treat each assignment with the same level of respect and importance. 


We are licensed, bonded and insured. We provide service to Metro Phoenix, and throughout the states of Arizona and California.


We believe in building long term relationships that earn your trust.   Our protocol is to consult with each client prior to beginning any investigation to identify the proper approach. We like our clients to know what we will be doing and when we will be doing it.  We are always up front with an estimate of the total cost of investigation, so there are no hidden surprises.   


We Provide the Information. You Make the Informed Decision.


Our clients are private individuals, large and small corporations, landlords, attorneys and their law firms.  We are sensitive to our clients' needs. Many of our clients have never hired a private investigator and are unsure as to how to proceed.  This is where our expertise comes in; we will plan a course of action with you.  


We will discuss your situation, identify objectives, and create a plan that suits your individual needs.We are the place to begin when you need to find the right consultant or private investigator for your project. Browse our site and have confidence when you use our services.  Your needs will be our number one priority.


Bottom Line; Our licensed and experienced investigators provide investigative and situational solutions with complete discretion and professionalism to every client! We use undercover operatives, advanced investigative techniques, high-tech surveillance operations, and plain old street smarts & desk work.


Our Confidentiality Policy


Our firm understands the sensitive nature of private investigations and upholds the highest standards of confidentiality in the industry.  It is our policy that all reports and information received from Martin's Private Investigations are strictly confidential nd are intended for the private and exclusive use of our clients. 


My guarantee provides you with the knowledge that we will conduct thorough professional investigations and provide the client with detailed and confidential documentation.


These are a few of the professional services we provide:


Local, State, Regional and National Investigations


    Civil/Criminal Defense

    Wrongful Death

    Personal Injury/worker’s comp

    Insurance Fraud

    Domestic Relations

    Skip Trace

    Complex Surveillance

    Video & Audio

    Witness/Client Interviews & Statements

    Court Records Research

    Missing Persons                                                                                       

    Asset Searches


    Loss Prevention Agents

    Fugitive Recovery





Additional services: Stalking and risk assessment—Personal protection review and services.


Call us today for a free Investigative Consultation or please click the Contact Us link and fill out your information and submit it to us. An agent will contact you to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to doing business with you, your entity, or corporation.





We have added a convenient method to make the initial retainer and payments from our website. Please click on the Investigation website for more services and informations.


Please find attached a downloadable information PDF about our investigation services.

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