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You will get the absolute best possible Training by former Law Enforcement Officers and Military Veterans with over 20 years of Real World  Weapons Experience.


Instructors are NRA and DPS certified and are Range Safety Officers.  All shooting classes are conducted in private outside shooting ranges and student to instructor ratios are always low to ensure a safe and positive learning experience.

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Private Lessons - Personalized courses


RealWorld Firearms Training, LLC knows that not everyone wants to be around others when it comes to learning how to shoot. Therefore RealWorld offers one-on-one personal instruction. If you are thinking that private lessons would be great, but you think you can't afford them, please think again –


You can now receive personal instruction from RealWorld Firearms Training for a minimal cost of $30 per Hour, includes range fees (minimum of 2 Hours)!  Please contact us at 1-800-617-5305 for more information or any questions you may have. Or schedule training time with us below. The minimum 2 hour time is for handgun and shotgun training.


Cost of Private Training


 on-line or call 1-800-617-5305.   



Private Event Options

We can also customize private training or shooting events for a small or large group. Great way to bring a family together or have a one-of-a-kind team building exercise. I some cases, we can come to your location and provide firearms safety classes and include our Laser Shot Training System. Contact us and let us know how we can customize a shooting or training experience for you!




Beginning/ Introduction Handgun Training Course


This 4-hour pistol course is designed to provide a hands-on introduction to the safe handling and proper orientation of  handguns for someone who is brand new to pistol shooting. It is a thorough introduction to firearm safety, handling, and shooting and is also great for families wanting to learn the basics of handgun safety, operation, shooting fundamentals and marksmanship together. Also, great for someone to add to their current skills.


Topics covered in this course include:                                                                                      

    Basic Firearms Safety Rules

    Proper Grip (Two-Handed/One-Handed)

    Proper Shooting Stance

    Proper Sight Alignment

    Proper Trigger Control

    Loading and Unloading Your Firearm

    Live Firing

Range equipment required:

    Eye and Ear Protection

    Quality Strong Side Holster and Belt

    Your Firearm

    Two Magazines or Speed Loaders

    100 Rounds of Target Ammunition





Call for dates.


Cost of Course


  on-line or call 1-800-617-5305.   

Basic handgun

Defensive Handgun Course


You will review the tactics and techniques previously learned from a basic course or previous experience, and add new firing positions such as kneeling, sitting and prone. You will learn how to think as you fire from cover, think as you fire while moving, shoot-move-shoot and you will be challenged with problem solving situations, such as firing from left and right barricades.


The emphasis is on developing tactical and shooting skills that can be applied in real-life situations.  This course is for the shooter who is interested in additional firearms training but wants a less expensive, locally available, weekend course that doesn't require sitting through one or more days of review material covered in basic handgun courses.




    Your “Defensive Plan”

    Drawing from the holster

    Effective Ammunition Management

    Advanced Reloading Concepts

    Drawing From Concealment

    Use of Cover and Concealment

    Shooting from Unconventional Firing Positions

    Shooting Unsupported With Different Hands

    Engaging Targets At Different Distances: Tactical Priority

    Shooting While Moving

    Approaching, Using and Backing Away From Cover

    Engaging Targets From Standing, Kneeling and Prone Positions

    Tactical Malfunction Clearance

    Gear Placement


This course is a full five hours of firearms training, practice and application of learned skills.




    Fully-functioning modern, semi-automatic handgun or revolver

    2 high-capacity (10+ rounds) or 3 low capacity magazines (minimum), or 4 quality speed loaders

    Quality outside-the-waistband holster and magazine carrier(s)

    Holster opening must not be collapsible

    Gun rag and lubrication for your pistol

    Eye and ear protection (electronic hearing protection is highly recommended)

    Appropriate clothing (baseball cap, pants, closed-toe shoes required)

    Knee pads strongly recommended

    Other items (sunscreen, drinks, food, etc.)


For Reloading:

For a revolver, you will need two speed loaders with a belt pouch. For a semi-automatic, you will need two additional magazines with a belt pouch.



A "strong side only" hip holster . No inside-the-pants, gun pouch, clip-on, shoulder, ankle, or cross-draw holster is allowed.  You will need a good quality belt on which to hold the holster and speed loaders/magazines. Battle belt are a good option.


Ammunition: At least 250 rounds of quality factory ammunition (no reloads)


Call for dates.

Cost of Course


  on-line or call 1-800-617-5305.   


defensive handgun

Carbine-Practical to Tactical

Skill builder Course


This course is geared towards anyone looking to learn how to or improve his or her use the AR15 platform safely, effectively, and reliably. This course is designed to develop a solid foundation of shooting skills with the carbine. The student will exercise these skills in a variety of shooting situations. The student will quickly gain experience, confidence and increase their skill level with the carbine and using it in defensive situations.


The following topics will be discussed and practiced during the course:

• Safety

• Nomenclature

• Maintenance & Proper Lubrication

• Fundamentals of shooting: Stance, Sights, Grip, Trigger Control

• Malfunction Drills (Tap, Rack, Assess, and Fight) Status Check

• Magazine Changes & Weapons Handling Skills

• Multiple shoots, Multiple targets, Shoot, Move Communicate

• Strong and weak side shooting & Shooting on the move

• Shooting behind cover and from barricades

• Transition from Carbine to Handgun

• Breaking Contact


This eight hour course is very comprehensive and packs in a great deal of information. It is not a canned course, it is very dynamic and teaches real world skills from experienced Instructors.


Gear Requirements:


Rifle / Carbine M4, AR-15, AK, H&K, FN,

Tactical Sling

(3/4) 30 Round Magazines

Magazine pouch

Handgun in Semi-auto

Strong side holster

3 Magazines

Magazine pouch

Spare Batteries, if need with optics

Knee Pads

Water and Snacks

Wrap Around Eye Protection (clear)

Ear Protection (electronic muffs recommended)

Baseball style hat


Weapons Lube & tools

Ammunition Requirements

Pistol 200 Rounds Pistol

Carbine 500 Rounds

Extra Ammunition is recommended, the above numbers are minimums.


Additional Gear for Tactics Courses: Tactical Vests with ammo pouches


Call for additional dates.

Cost of Course


  on-line or call 1-800-617-5305.   



Defensive Shotgun Course


This course is the basis for shotgun self defense and personal protection inside your home.


This class has no prerequisites. This is not a trap or skeet class, it is a self-defense class. You will be taught how to use a shotgun in self-defense situations. You will be challenged with problem solving situations relevant to real world encounters and taught tactical and survival shooting skills utilizing extensive movement drills at various distances.


Summary: You will learn shotgun knowledge and safe handling, ammunition knowledge, fundamentals of shotgun shooting, firing first shots and shotgun skills. In this course, you will practice the following: Snap shooting, rapid deployment, rapid fire, un-jamming techniques, moving while shooting, quick load techniques, threat assessment etc.


Shooting techniques will include:

 Mounting and Shooting from the Shoulder and Underarm

Tactical, Combat and Speed Reloading for Self-Defense Situations


 What You Need to Bring to the Basic Shotgun Class


 Long barrels on guns are acceptable, but we prefer 18-inch to 22-inch barrels. No short pistol grip shotguns are allowed, you must have a shoulder stock for this class. (Pistol grip with a folder shoulder stock is fine)


This is not something you can learn on You Tube. The safe and effective deployment of firearms takes time, training, and practice. Home defense training is one of the most important things you can invest in and our motto says it “When your life depends on your training”!


 Ammunition is not included. The ammunition required is:

 You will fire 50 rounds; 30 rounds of 'OO' buck, 20 rounds of rifled slugs.


 Additional Gear for Course, although not necessary.

Tactical Vests with shotgun ammo pouches or ammo on gun/ belt.


Call for dates.





Cost of Course


  on-line or call 1-800-617-5305.   


Beginning Handgun/Safety  (Women Only)


Ladies: Do you want to learn how to shoot a handgun but don't know where to go to learn? Does your husband/boyfriend/significant other have a firearm or pistol in the home that you do not know how to use? Do you want to see how much fun the shooting sports can be?


We all know that there are certain things that spouses or significant others should not teach each other or discuss, right? They usually include: driving lessons, politics, wallpapering or painting, and firearms. Why not come out and learn from some easy going, approachable, competent, friendly, and non-testosterone charged instructors?


Learning to handle a pistol is one of the most satisfying, empowering things that you can do.


We will teach you:

    The basic knowledge, skills, and attitude for owning and using a handgun safely.

    The three cardinal rules for firearms safety.

    Safe handling of a handgun, including loading, unloading, and firing.

    Safe storage.

    A proper stance, grip, sight alignment, and trigger control.

    The basic fundamentals of shooting a handgun.

    How to clean and maintain a handgun.

    How to get involved in the shooting sports and how to further your firearms education


Women and Self Defense


Most women are restricted by society's view that they should not have to protect themselves so they do not actively seek any personal safety training. They tend to face a multitude of barriers or hurdles; the biggest one is actually locating a facility for quality, common sense training, and then finding a competent, easy going, professional self defense trainer that knows what to present and how to present it to the female student without seeming demeaning or pompous. The latter condition is the most important.


As for other details, we can help you decide if and when to file for a permit, which firearm to choose, how to safely store it in your home, how to carry it concealed (effectively) how to use it in defense of yourself, and more. Our instructors have years of experience and are well versed in the details involved in these kinds of choices. We can talk to you about your mindset, training, threat response, and how to handle the 'questioning looks' when someone discovers that you have taken steps to protect yourself.


If you have any questions whatsoever about this Ladies Only Class, please contact RealWorld Firearms Training, LLC. at 1-800-617-5305 and we will be glad to talk to or meet with you at your convenience, you'll be glad you did!

What You Need to Bring to the Ladies Only Handgun Class



Your own double-action revolver or single action/double-action semi-auto pistol, any caliber. It must be in good working order.



Prescription glasses, sun or shooting glasses are required, along with hearing protection.



A "strongside only" hip holster . No inside-the-pants, gun pouch, clip-on, shoulder, ankle, or cross-draw holster is allowed.  You will need a good quality belt on which to hold the holster and speed loaders/magazines. Tip: Be sure to wear shorts or pants that have belt loops that the belt fits.


Ammunition: 100 rounds required, no reloads


Duration: 4 Hours                          

Group rates of five or more will be discounted to $50 each person. So, tell your friends and make it a Ladies Night!



Call for additional dates.

Cost of Course


  on-line or call 1-800-617-5305.   




Home Defense Strategies Clinic--6 hour course

3 hour Classroom with Laser simulation and 3 hour Live Fire Shooting with Low Light Exercises

This unique classroom and live fire range shooting course is perfect for anyone that wants to be prepared in case of an encounter in a deadly force scenario. This course will cover the legal aspects of home defense, developing a self-defense plan, and using lethal force within the home. It also covers interior movements in the home or office space through shooting drills with the use of laser handguns and rifles, our state-of-the-art laser shot training system, and life-sized targets.


  • Legal considerations and Use of Force in the Home

  • Understanding interior movement within your home or office

  • Developing a basic self-defense strategy

  • Laser gun simulation shooting drills and exercises

  • Decision Making Scenarios on shoot-don’t-shoot targets

  • Low/No Light Exercises using your flashlight

  • Choosing the right home defense weapon

  • What to do after a violent event 


Be sure to watch the laser gun simulation demonstration videos by clicking on the links below.

"LASR: Be Prepared" and "LASR: Our Mission". 

LIVE FIRE SHOOTING EXERCISE with Low Light drills- PHASE #2 (5:30 to 8PM)
The purpose of the LIVE FIRE training session is to expose you to the proper use of the flashlight and weapon in a low light environment. This practice will develop your confidence and ability with your handgun in low light shooting conditions and threat/target identification.
Shooters will practice the different flashlight and weapon shooting positions commonly used by law enforcement. You will learn the dynamics of using the flashlight to move and identify potential threats without highlighting your position. Note: weapon mounted light should be considered secondary, while handheld light is primary source of light.

The Israeli Defense Forces have a rule of thumb regarding training, if 60% of shootings occur in low light conditions and 50% of engagements are within five feet, that is where training should be focused.


  • Firearms Safety

  • Night Vision Fundamentals

  • Principles of low-light tactics

  • Night Marksmanship Techniques Using handheld flashlights in conjunction with firearms

  • Tactical Light Movement Techniques

  • How to choose and use the tactical flashlight

  • Tactical flashlight is required (minimum 60 lumens, 100 lumens or greater preferred)

  • Bring your handgun and 150 rounds of ammo, hearing and eye protection.

  • Bring one glow light or chem-light per person


Check out the low light home defense class shooting video 





Cost of Course


  on-line or call 1-800-617-5305.  

home security

Arizona Armed Security Guard


Firearms Training Course - Armed Security Guard


Approved by the Arizona Department of Public Safety, this 16 hour course fulfills the minimum firearms training requirements for applicants to qualify for an AZ Armed Security Guard license.


Expiration date will be two years from when DPS processed the application. Each Armed Security Guard license permits you to work only for the agency that sponsored your armed application.


Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS) governing SG licenses


Security Guards: Title 32, Chapter 26

Arizona Armed Security Guard


New hire, or more than 90 days expired

Expiration date will be two years from when DPS processed the application.


An Unarmed Security Guard license will also be issued.



1. Be offered employment by a DPS-licensed Armed Security Guard agency. The agency fills out Employer section of the Registration Application and an authorized person signs it.

2. Complete and sign the Employee section.

3. Submit fingerprints.

4. Submit a color photograph of your face.

5. Complete the 8-hour pre-assignment security guard training course.

6. Submit the training verification, signed and dated by the agency.

7. Complete 16 hours of pre-assignment firearm training from a certified firearms instructor.

8. Submit the Armed Security Guard training form, signed and dated by the instructor and the agency.

9. Submit $124 cash or money order. This covers the $100 license fee and the $24 fingerprint processing fee. No personal checks will be accepted.


“Upgrade” from an Unarmed Security Guard license


Expiration date will be the same as your current Unarmed Security Guard license.

Each Armed Security Guard license permits you to work only for the agency that sponsored your armed application. This agency name will appear on the face of your Armed Security Guard card.

Firearms training requirements


A new Armed Security Guard must have 16 hours of documented training from a DPS-Certified Firearms Instructor. An Armed agency will advise who should train you.


If your Armed Security Guard license is more than 90 days past the expiration date, you are considered “New” and must have 16 hours of documented training from a DPS-Certified Firearms Instructor.Every calendar year after the issuance of the Armed Security Guard license you must have 8 hours of refresher training from a DPS-Certified firearms instructor. The signed Armed Training form must be provided to DPS. This must be received at DPS no later than January 5 of the following year.


If Armed Security Guard firearms refresher training is not received by DPS for each calendar year, your Armed Security Guard license(s) will be suspended.


Concealed Weapons Permit training

Concealed Weapons Permit training cannot be substituted for Armed Security Guard firearms training. Although firearms instructors are often certified by both Licensing and CWPU, the actual training is different. A DPS Licensing-Certified Security Guard firearms instructor must train you. No other firearm training is authorized.


A Concealed Weapon Permit does not authorize you to work as an Armed Security Guard.All students who wish to participate in this course must complete the registration form.


Classroom Requirements:

Mandatory 16 Hours

No live ammunition to be brought inside classroom!

No loaded firearms allowed in class.

Strong side pistol holster.

Handgun - revolver or semi-auto pistol, 100 rounds of ammunition and two or more magazines or speed loaders.




Check the schedule of classes and dates for enrollment.




Cost of Course


  on-line or call 1-800-617-5305. 


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