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If you are interested in one of the promotions, please use the contact form below to register and get dates and time for the classes.


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Fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page to register and get dates and times.

Active Shooter - Armed Civilian Response. Prepare, be aware, and response.

This 4 hour course is a well thought out combination of discussions on survival mindset, situational awareness, and live fire armed response.


The topics will cover being prepared to deal with fear and anxiety, being aware of your physical environment, thinking ahead, your comprehension of the chaotic situation, and your response.

We will review the basic first aid medical tactics every person with a weapon should understand, practice, and have available.

Live fire exercises are scenario based and will allow shooters to shoot at different distances, multiple targets, and shoot-don’t shoot drills.

Be Aware-Have a Plan-Keep a Survival Mindset!

Note: All students will need to sign a waiver of liability prior to shooting and a $20 fee per student covers insurance & range fees  will be collected at beginning of class


Fill out the contact form below to register and get dates and times.

Cost $99

Active Shooter

Introduction to Defensive Firearms Training for Urban Survival and Home Defense, with optional CCW


Join RealWorld Firearms Training at a premier outdoor private range setting for an awesome shooting experience! Bring your handgun and get real-world training!


This 4-hour course is open to everyone and is taught by NRA and DPS certified instructors and former law enforcement and military personnel. This class is designed as an introduction to defensive firearms skills for urban survival and home defense.


After the basic safety review and weapons familiarization, the balance of the class is live fire, scenario based training. The goal to the training is to make you proficient with a firearm and improve your defensive shooting skills, so you will be prepared to handle a highly stressful situation… and survive!


We will cover the following topics:

Basic Safety and Familiarization, 

Marksmanship Skill Development Techniques

Concealment Methods, Drawing Techniques

Understanding of Action/Reaction time and Distancing


Note: All students will need to sign a waiver of liability prior to shooting and a $20 fee per student covers insurance & range fees will be collected at beginning of class.


Note: Cost of CCW certification does not include AZ DPS Permit processing fee of $60, which is submitted by applicant upon completion of course directly to DPS.


With advanced notice-students will receive pertinent law information packet and Certificate of Completion.  CCW  form packet is issued and on-site fingerprinting option on two DPS cards is available for additional $20 fee.


Fill out the contact form below to register and get dates and times.


Cost $99



ccw sim

Concealed-Carry Permit Course with laser simulation with   RealWorld Firearms Training


Professionally taught classroom-based course provides insight for Arizona laws regarding concealed carry and the use of a firearm for self-defense. Every student will practice safe gun handling skills and will learn safe techniques for drawing from a holster with the use of our laser handguns and our state-of-the-art Laser shot training system.  All students take home law information packets, certificate of course completion, and CCW forms with optional fingerprinting.


Topics covered include: Safe gun handling, weapon selection, firearm nomenclature and manipulation, ammunition options and applications, storage & maintenance, fundamentals of pistol shooting including, grip options, stance options, sighting fundamentals, and trigger control.


Each student will practice firearms handing drills with our state-of-the-art LASER Shot Training Software System. You will receive instant feedback on shot placement and see where the shots hit the full-sized  target.


This training includes realistic shot sounds and laser replica Glock handgun and is an excellent way to work on shooting fundamentals.


Be sure to use contact form below for next available class date.


Cost $75



HD tactic

Booking and Cancellation Policy: If a customer cannot attend a course they have registered for, and there are less than 4 days before the start of the course, the customer will be allowed to reschedule for the same course, however a $20, per person,  re-booking fee will be applied.

Handgun Safety Training Course with Optional CCW  at RealWorld Firearms Training



This 4-hour pistol course is designed to provide a hands-on introduction to the safe handling and proper orientation of  handguns for someone who is brand new to pistol shooting. It is a thorough introduction to firearm safety, handling, and shooting and is also great for families wanting to learn the basics of handgun safety, operation, shooting fundamentals and marksmanship together. Also, great for someone to add to their current skills.


Topics covered in this course include:                                                                                      

    Basic Firearms Safety Rules

    Proper Grip (Two-Handed/One-Handed)

    Proper Shooting Stance

    Proper Sight Alignment

    Proper Trigger Control

    Loading and Unloading Your Firearm

    Live Firing

Range equipment required:

    Eye and Ear Protection

    Quality Strong Side Holster and Belt

    Your Firearm

    Two Magazines or Speed Loaders

    150 Rounds of Target Ammunition

Cost $99

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